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A Life Well Lived

Verta Kartchner Johnston
Dec 1, 1916 –
May 29, 2011

Every now and then a person goes quietly through life unnoticed by anyone other than close friends and family.

My grandmother was one of those people.  But what those that didn’t notice her missed out on was the chance to know someone with a pure soul and a strength of character unsurpassed by no one.  This was a woman who lived her life unselfishly and totally devoted to her husband, children, grandchildren, her siblings and her church.  She was our calming influence in times of stress and chaos (I never once heard her raise her voice).  She was our strength when lifes heartaches reduced us to tears.  She loved and supported us through good times and bad.  It was always a wonderful feeling just being in her peaceful presence.  She will be sorely missed by all those who know and love her.  Rest in peace, grandma, until we meet again.


  1. Hi Kim. I stumbled onto your post and I’m glad I did. What you said about Grandma is perfect. It really made me think back and realize how blessed we are to have such an amazing Grandma. And I love the picture you posted (that’s what grabbed my attention). That is exactly how I remember Grandma, with that quiet smile always on her face. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I read your tribute to your grandmother and was looking at the picture of a sweet, caring woman when I noticed that she was born on my mothers birthday (same year and all) and she passed on my birthday. Just goes to show that no matter where you lay your head, we are all tied together some way and God produces tender and loving individuals. If I wasn’t tangle crazy, I would never have seen your message.

    God bless you

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